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There are all types of drivers on Massachusetts roads today and many of them doing things in their cars, SUVs, or trucks that are making the roads more precarious than ever – like applying make-up, eating a breakfast burrito, blaring the radio, and talking on the phone. To safeguard yourself against these multi-tasking and distracted drivers, you want to have comprehensive auto insurance from an agency that thoroughly understands your needs as well as the state’s specific auto insurance regulations and rates.

Greylock Insurance is your neighborhood independent agency as well as the area’s auto insurance experts. We will find you high quality coverage from one of our select carriers at a premium that fits your budget. Our team will also uncover all the additional options and discounts that make sense for you and any other drivers in your family.

Driving on today’s roads can be a trying experience, but selecting the proper auto insurance does not have to be. At Greylock Insurance Agency, we’ll share our industry knowledge to ensure you understand your coverage and any deductibles, so that there are no surprises should you ever have to file a claim.

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