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Free Workshops

Classes are open to the public - Membership not required!

We offer a variety of financial education classes* on topics ranging from budgeting to buying your first home to identity theft and more. Classes are held at local employers/agencies and at Greylock.


Virtual (Zoom)


Greylock Community Empowerment Center, 75 Kellogg Street, Pittsfield, MA

Teachers, Business Owners, Community Groups

We offer virtual and in-person Financial Wellness classes for our community!

  1. Bank on Yourself - (offered in Spanish and English) is an overview seminar on banking terms, products and services. It addresses how credit scores are impacted and the importance of having good credit.
  2. Basic Budgeting - (offered only in English) this seminar helps to set up a spending plan, identify personal spending leaks, encourages ways to track spending and ways to incorporate savings into the plan. Helps attendees to create short-term and long-term financial goals.
  3. CreditAbility - Build a Strong Credit History (offered in Spanish and English) this seminar addresses who needs to build credit and why, significance of a credit report and the score, how to establish credit, tips on how to use credit wisely, identification of costly pitfalls and your rights and responsibilities as a consumer.
  4. Conquering Your Financial Stress - (offered only in English) an overview seminar that briefly touches upon budgeting, credit, credit report error disputes, credit freezes and tips on combatting identity theft and fraud. Contains concepts that are addressed in-depth in our suite of seminars.
  5. Frauds and Scams - (offered only in English) this seminar is always being updated to add the latest frauds and scams, as well as address the old tried and true scams that unfortunately cost consumers millions of dollars every year. Actual fraudulent recordings, email and text samples are shared in the session, as well as tools to protect yourself and also what to do if/when you become a victim.
  6. Navigating Online and Mobile Banking - (offered only in Spanish) this session is a step by step demonstration on how to use the online services. Attendees are encouraged to ask multiple questions throughout the session.
  7. Preparing for Home Ownership – (offered in Spanish and English) this session is geared for the person that wants to get a home in 2 or more years. It addresses budgeting for the extra expenses, building a strong credit history as well as credit clean-up, insurance needs, rent Vs own, and comparison of owning a single-family home with a duplex.
  8. Retirement Savings Options – (offered in English) this session is an overview of the different products that are available for retirement, such as, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, Roth and Traditional IRAs and how they differ with tax treatment, risk Vs reward, etc. Questions are strongly encouraged.

 Please contact us to discuss your class needs.